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Hellfish News: hey I updated the page, got at least 12 jumps this year...and a gnarly BASE jump with near fatality, woohoo!

Welcome, Supplicant Wannabe

The Flying Hellfish are a group of individuals that skydive and BBBASE (the extra "B" stands for Blimp, the other extra "B" is a typo) jump all over the world and meet periodically (World Freefall Convention and Bridge Day primarily) to tell lies and perform dangerous and questionable stunts. The "team" members include doctors, lawyers, "skilled" laborers, ditch-diggers, unemployed persons and the like, but mostly we all share one common trait...............we're idiots.

World Freefall Convention The Flying Hellfish have been represented at Quincy and Rantoul since 1994 but not officially until 1998, since that time we have become the epicenter of debauchery and bad taste on drop zone row, not that we're proud of that...

Bridge Day, New River Gorge, West VirginiaTeam Flying Hellfish is easily recognizable as the largest contingent at Bridge Day each year....well, after the Amish of course.....

Hellfish of the Month This coveted award is reserved for the Hellfish that demonstrates extraordinary lack of intelligence and/or good taste.

The Boogie MobileUpdate! The Boogie Mobile has been destroyed due to an act of God and a drunken Slovenian, its really for the best, isn't it?

This page is dedicated to that propulsion device of pedophilic perversions, the Boogie Mobile. When prounounced with the characteristic Slovenian accent "booh-ghee" there are few objects that inspire terror and foul horror like the Hellfish Boogie Mobile. And for good reason, if you see this vehicle in your neighborhood...RUN AWAY as fast as you can and for God's sake, HIDE YOUR CHILDREN!

Iguazu Falls 2003 A once in a lifetime jump over the famous Iguazu Falls at the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, its a miracle any of us survived but we proved once again that God watches over drunks and morons.

The Hellfish Meet Evel Knievel The Flying Hellfish traveled to Bike Week 2002 in Daytona Beach on March 7 and met the man behind the Supreme Commander jumpsuit, Evel Knievel.

SlotFInder 2000! Can't skydive worth a crap? ....we can help you.

Archives The Hellfish Archives including feats of wonder and amazement from past years and past members.

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